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6000m2 production workshop

C&D takes the pursuit of excellence as the purpose, strictly in accordance with the quality management system, according to the batch number of each stage, each link is recorded in detail, the development of standard production procedures, standardize and guide the production, delivery, transportation, storage and other processes.


And the introduction of a variety of advanced production equipment, to ensure that the whole process of the company's continuous and stable material supply, stable production, so as to ensure excellent quality, stable, high credibility of the product, to ensure quality first.

Qualtiy specification

When considering glass quality standards, manufacturing and performance standards are fundamental to our entire production process. C&D measure and inspect the optical quality, distortions, thickness, tension, and flatness of float glass at the earliest possible point throughout the production process. Meanwhile, Only the highest quality raw materials are utilized for glass production.

Structural glass is fitted with innovative technology, our advanced inspection systems detect and distinguish even the tiniest defects on the glass surface, edges and coating. They are capable of uncovering defects that are invisible or indistinguishable to conventional systems. With our systems, you can save time and money by ensuring that only flawless products are processed further.

100% inline inspection in real-time to meet customer quality demands. The reliably detects, classify and pinpoints all defects regardless of the position or shape of the panels.

Quality Standard
Reflective glass- GB18915
01 Professional certification
Patterned glass - JCT511-2002
02 Professional certification
Float glass/Low iron glass/ Tinted float glass- - GB 11614-2009 (Chinese standard)
03 Professional certification

Supply-chain Services

C&D is a supply-chain operator. C&D integrates resources of logistics, information, finance, commodities and markets for you. Moreover, C&D explores potential value-adding opportunities in the process of supply-chain operations, devises solutions for supply-chain operations, and offers continuous operation services.

The quintessence of LIFT resides in starting from the four classes of basic services in supply chain to n sorts of customization solutions and extending to all industrial domains of supply chain. Around the three core jobs “integration”, “planning” and “operation”, C&D Inc. delivers “4→n” personalized customization service for customers and exploits potential appreciation opportunities at the links of supply chain operations.

Social welfare

C$D environmental protection AND public welfare action

Perfect after-sales service system

Customer satisfaction is considered very important for us. C&D is committed to providing quality products and services to our valuable clients. Satisfying the customers is one of the basic objectives of our group, C&D after-sale value-line includes timely delivery, offloading and installation guide, warranty service and customer training, real-time online support, etc.

Breakage and complaints:

Glass shipping has always been a challenge,if any of your goods are lost, damaged during the transportation, please follow the below procedure

Please stop the offloading procedure, take a photo of container No and seal No,  Ensure the entire number is readable in the photo.

Clear photo showing inside the fully –loaded container with the door open

Clear photos showing the defect or breakage along with batch number of the items which are labeled, Blurry photo will be rejected and you may be asked to take photos again.

In addition to the above, you have to take wide view photos and videos showing all damaged items in 1 pose from a different view.

Please forward to our sales team directly, also, please contact local insurance agencies to inspect the offloading procedures.

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