sustainable development

Sustainable Development

Practice social responsibility and adhere to sustainable development

Responsibility for the Environment

To actively participate in environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction and green public welfare and to promote sustainable development.

C&D has acknowledged the importance of energy saving to its development and the sustainable development of the society. It also takes initiative to undertake responsibility of environmental protection by regarding energy saving as an important approach of its cost control.


Our company promotes green life and green architecture, striving to be a leading enterprise in architecture glass business, Reducing carbon emissions from the source of production start by using advanced technologies and equipment, powered with more energy efficient natural gas to minimize environmental impacts.

Social welfare


  • 4

    It has been planted for 4 years

  • 100000

    Donate 100000 sand fixing plants

Responsibility for Our Employees

To care for our employees, prioritize talent cultivation and create vast development opportunities for the employees.


Responsibility for Clients

To continuously improve the capacity to serve our clients and achieve harmonious mutual benefit.

As a supply chain operator and global glass supplier, C&D has years of working experience, a sound business network, advanced logistic facilities and an excellent reputation. Our company values its own supply chain integration construction and its capacity to serve our clients. Upholding the trade principle of credibility, integrity and mutual benefit, our company has maintained a good cooperation with our clients and safeguarded their rights and interests.

We strive to provide high quality for our clients and focus on innovation technology, logistics, greening, after-sales services and property management, so as to offer proprietors with meticulous and considerable services and to achieve harmonious mutual benefit.

  • strong technical support team
  • successful business networking
  • Advanced logistic facilities