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Decorate glass have been treated to have distressed patches making it appear deteriorated with age. Use an Decoration glass design to add a vintage and unique vibe to any space.

Choosing an Decoration glass to be an accent, transition, or feature element can open a room in many ways. The reflective nature of silvered glass significantly brightens and widens even the darkest and the smallest of spaces, making a room more comfortable and inviting. Layer onto that the texture and complexity of this retro look and there is an added decorative element that can act as a focal point.

From a rich classical look to a textured, eclectic look, the possibilities are endless.


1) Suitable for interior applications.

2) Standard and custom options are available.

3) Can be used to achieve a variety of design goals.

4) Wide range of patterns, colours and finishes. GREY, BRONZE, PINK  or CLEAR variations available.

5) High quality standard and are exceptionally durable lasting for many years


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